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Why I Decorate for Christmas in November

It’s not even halfway through November and I have already put out all of my Christmas decorations and started listening to Christmas music. I may seem crazy, but I do this every year and I have no regrets. Christmas is my favourite holiday and always has been, so I like to decorate as soon as I can to enjoy it for longer. I’ve always felt like the Christmas season is too short, as after Christmas ends, all I can think about is how I didn’t listen to enough holiday music, watch enough holiday movies, or do enough Christmas activities. For that reason, after I moved out I decided to start decorating and celebrating the holidays as early as possible in order to enjoy them for as long as I can.

There are many other reasons why I decorate for Christmas so early, and one of them is because of the nostalgia associated with the holiday. As I stated, Christmas is my favourite holiday, and I have many fond memories associated with it. It reminds me of my childhood and of simpler times, when I was carefree and not stressed about everything, and when I could simply revel in the joy of the holiday season. Since I’ve gotten older, Christmastime hasn’t been quite as special, which makes me sad, so I compensate for that by decorating and listening to Christmas music super early to get me into the holiday spirit and recreate the joy it brought me as a child.

Christmas also comes at a time when I am finishing my semester and struggling with term papers and exams, and celebrating it helps relieve some of the stress I experience from school. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with homework, I look at my Christmas tree or I put on my favourite Christmas album and I instantly feel happy, or at least somewhat relaxed. Getting into the Christmas spirit in November helps me deal with the anxiety I experience from working on papers and studying for exams, and gets me through that difficult time while also giving me something to look forward to once it’s over.

Another major reason why I like to decorate for Christmas early is because it helps me deal with my mood changes that are brought on by the changing of seasons, which I believe is a mild form of seasonal affective disorder. As soon as the days get shorter and the weather gets gloomier, my mood is instantly affected. I feel weighed down by sadness and don’t want to leave my house or do anything productive. I will be unhappy for entire days when it is especially dark or gloomy, and I have little energy. I don’t know when exactly it started, but I suspect it began or got worse when I moved to Vancouver, where fall, winter, and spring all consist of gloomy, rainy days. It gets worse after Daylight Savings ends, as when I see darkness in the early evening I instantly feel drained of happiness and energy. I realize that I should probably talk to someone about this, but I have found one thing that helps me deal with it, which, as you can probably guess, is Christmas. When I start feeling down because of the weather, I remind myself that it’s rainy and it gets dark early because Christmas is coming, and soon it will snow and be beautiful. Starting my Christmas celebrations early gives me a reason to be happy in the fall/winter months, and prevents me from dwelling on the seasonal changes.

For me, Christmas is the best time of year, and decorating for it early in November allows me to enjoy it for as long as possible, while also relieving stress caused by school and alleviating symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. Because of this, I will continue to decorate for Christmas in November and I encourage everyone else who celebrates the holiday to do the same, so they can bring a little extra joy into their lives during the winter season.

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