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    Peer Review 3

    For my final peer review, I will be reviewing Erika Cocco’s blog, The World of Irish Dance. Erika’s blog documents her journey to become the Western Canadian Regional Champion in Irish Dance, while also educating readers on the training and work involved in being an Irish Dancer. Her homepage is simple yet appealing; it shows her blog title, main menu, a white background, and a massive picture of her dancing. This picture adds some needed colour and visuals to her homepage, and as one of the first things viewers see when they go to her website, it creates interest and its tagline makes the focus of the blog clear. The…

  • Peer Reviews,  Posiel

    Peer Review 2

    For my second peer review, I will be looking at Emily’s blog, How to Get Away with Cooking. I enjoy her theme, as it is very simple yet visually appealing and easy to navigate. She makes good use of her white space and the picture on her homepage adds a splash of colour. Travis Gertz claims in Design Machines: How to Survive the Digital Apocalypse that the problem with digital design nowadays is that “everything looks the same”, and  I like Emily’s design because it is different, as her homepage picture is underneath the title and not in the header. The title itself is clever and tells me exactly what the…

  • Peer Reviews,  Posiel

    Peer Review 1

    For my first peer review, I will be looking at Dylan McCartney’s blog, The World of College Football. Overall, Dylan’s blog is very well constructed, and his posts are engaging and show his passion for the sport. His About page concisely sums up his blog and his love of football. He develops a consistent voice in his posts, which works well with his content. His posts are all a great length, which makes it easy for viewers to get through them without getting bored. It helps that his blog posts are not just factual commentary, but also his opinions and predictions, making his blog unique and attracting potential viewers. The…