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Peer Review 1

For my first peer review, I will be looking at Dylan McCartney’s blog, The World of College Football.

Overall, Dylan’s blog is very well constructed, and his posts are engaging and show his passion for the sport. His About page concisely sums up his blog and his love of football. He develops a consistent voice in his posts, which works well with his content. His posts are all a great length, which makes it easy for viewers to get through them without getting bored. It helps that his blog posts are not just factual commentary, but also his opinions and predictions, making his blog unique and attracting potential viewers. The fact that there is a link to the previous and next post at the bottom of each post helps a lot as well. He has developed a great voice and online self in his blog, and his design is very easy to navigate.

Despite his triumphs, there are some things he can work on to make his blog even better. His theme could be a bit more interesting, as his homepage is just a plain white page with a title, a menu, and his posts underneath. I would recommend adding a banner or header image to make it more dynamic and interesting to look at. I looked at his design sketches on his second process post, and I enjoyed both the first and the fourth design. The first design was quite similar to his current design, but with ranked teams on the side of the homepage, which would add some colour and draw people in. I enjoyed the fourth idea as well, because it is very visually stimulating and contained all the info one could possibly need on college football, so viewers would not need to go to another website for information. He would do great with either of these designs, or if he could insert the team poll results directly on his homepage instead of on a linked sidebar, as that would make the website more visually appealing.

I would also recommend that he add a tag cloud widget, as he has a great use of tags so far and having all of them in one place would make it easy for his audience to focus on specific teams or games. I also agree with Ellen that he should add some more hyperlinks, as it would be nice to see some videos related to his blog posts, and it would be more interesting for readers. In relation to this, I also recommend that he embed hyperlinks in the words of his blog posts, as it looks more professional than adding the word “(LINK)” beside them, which he did in his latest blog post. In addition, it says the author for all of his posts is “admin”, which he should either remove or change to Dylan.

Lastly, I noticed some grammatical errors in his posts, so I would advise that he use an editorial program to proofread his posts before he uploads them. It would also help if he added more paragraph breaks in some of his posts, as it makes more sense for when he moves on to discuss a different player or game, and sectioning it off makes it easier to read.

Dylan has done a great job with his website so far, as it is very organized and easy to navigate, and his posts are detailed and engaging for his target audience. It has a lot of potential, and I think a few minor changes would make it the perfect blog for anyone who is interested in college football.

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