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Week 10 Process Post

I picture my audience consisting mostly of girls between the ages of 18 and 25, as that is the demographic that I fall into, and although I do not post about female-centric things like clothes or makeup, I feel as if a female audience would be more interested in my blog, especially my contemplative essays. To my surprise, 54% of my audience is male, and the primary age group that my viewers fall into is 25-34, with 18-24 being the second most populated age group. I do find this surprising, as I have been trying to make posts that appeal to a female audience, but none of my posts are specifically about the female experience, and the content of my essays could easily apply to males as well. I guess I just do not picture males being as interested in reading blogs as females, especially a personal blog like mine that talks a lot about feelings.

I am also surprised that mostly 25-34 year olds are reading my blog, as I was certain that only people between 18 and 25 would be reading my posts. The reason I believe this is that I thought that most of the people reading my blog would be my friends, since many of them know about it, have followed the Instagram account I created for it, and have liked or commented on my posts, and I do not have any friends over the age of 24. The age demographic reading my blog is surprising because I did not think my experiences would necessarily resonate with people who are much older than I am, especially since I talk a lot about being a student, while people of that age group are typically graduated and have careers. I also wonder how they found my blog and what made them want to read it. I find it very interesting that my audience consists mainly of a gender and age group that I did not expect.

The question I now have for myself is if I should make any changes to my blog to accommodate my primary audience. Most of my essay posts are relatable for people of any gender, as they talk about general experiences that most people in my age range can relate to, so I do not think I will need to adjust them too much. I will try to continue writing posts about life in general that anyone my age can relate to, although I may occasionally write posts about more female-centered experiences. The bigger issue, to me, is the age range of the people visiting my blog. I did not think my blog would be appealing for anyone over the age of 25, as they are typically in a different stage of life than I am and cannot connect to posts about school. I could see how some of my other posts may be appealing to people of any age, such as my film and tv show reviews and posts about life in general, so I will try to write more posts about those subjects to draw in a wider audience. I definitely want to write more film and tv reviews or essays in the future, as I want my blog to be more evenly split between essays and film/tv, but I have not seen anything in theaters recently. I have thought about writing about films that have already come out, potentially years ago, and giving reviews/recommendations or writing essays on them (akin to Youtube video essays on movies, which I spend way too much time watching), so I will probably spend more time pursuing that direction in my future posts. I love movies and I love talking about them, and they are a subject of interest for any age group, so I definitely want to write more about them in the future.

Delving into my Google Analytics has taught me a lot about who my audience is, and I will definitely consider my findings as I continue to improve my blog.

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